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    How can I get Premier Elements to recognize my Canon Vixia  HV40 to record tape from it?

    TR Snevac

      I recently installed Adobe Premier Elements 12 on my new Lenovo U310 Ideapad computer.  I opened the program and was able to transfer a clip from a file transfered to me from a smart phone recording and start assembling a new home movie.  However, when I tried to get video footage from my Canon Vixia HV40 tape camcorder, I received a message "No HDV camera connected.  I then used my older Canon Vixia HV20 camera and changed the USB connecting cable, but that camera too was not recognized.  In the past, I had been succesfull using an older version of Premie Elements to get footage from my Canon camera.  Is it possible that this new Premier Elements 12 is not programed to pick up  these Canon video cameras or is their some way around this problem.  My new computer does not have a 1394 input.