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    Cineware - Sketch and Toon

    Ivan Sunguroff

      I read multiple places that Cinema 4D's Sketch and Toon renderer would be availible in Cineware and useable in After Effects after the 12.2 update. Still can not get it to work.

      New rendering capabilities


      When you choose to use an edition of Cinema 4D other than Cinema 4D Lite, you can use new rendering capabilities within Cineware beyond the default renderer, including the Physical renderer and Sketch & Toon. To use the new rendering capabilities, do the following:

      1. Choose a different renderer to use in Cinema 4D
      2. Save the .c4d file with the renderer settings.
      3. The renderer specified in Cinema 4D is the one that will be used by the Cineware effect when the Renderer setting in the effect is Standard (Final).

      Found this on http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/c4d.html


      The directions imply changing the renderer in render settings. While this may work for the Physical renderer, Sketch&Toon is not a renderer, but an effect.


      I also tried applying tags directly to shape, but to no avail. Would love some help! In the middle of a massive project, and need this to work. Thanks!


      - Ivan

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What version of Cinema 4D do you have assigned as the rendering application?

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            Ivan Sunguroff Level 1

            Its R14.042 , says I'm currently updated. For AfX I'm using, and it is up to date. Thanks for the quick reply. Should it just automatically render Sketch&Toon in Cineware, as long as I have the Renderer set to Standard, the Toon&Sketch effect applied, and everything up to date?

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              The ability to use plug-ins, et cetera, relies on R15. That's what is meant by this:

              "Most effects, including third-party plug-ins, should work within the Cineware effect when you choose to use Cinema 4D R15 (not R14 or the default CineRender) as the renderer for Cineware."


              http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2013/09/after-effects-cc-12-1-whats-new-and-changed.ht ml

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                Ivan Sunguroff Level 1

                Great. So once I upgrade to R15, it should work automatically?

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  You will need to set Cinema 4D R15 as the rendering application as described in the link that I gave.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    There's more detail here, at the bottom of the page of After Effects Help about the Cineware effect: http://adobe.ly/1ivAo9a

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                      Arrakis Level 1

                      I have this exact same problem but Im using R15.   I have been trying for hours to get it to work to no avail.  After effects will not see the sketch and toon effect.  It sees all the other effects but not sketch and toon.
                      I changed the render path then restarted and purged but the render path just reverts back to the cinerender app.  I have followed the instructions in the adobe links.   Can someone please help me fix this.


                      Also it says on the adobe cineware page  "

                      1. Delete the After Effects preferences file. This will reset the Cineware render paths and executable paths to their default values. You can find the preferences file at \Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\12.0 (Windows) and /Users//Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/12.0 (Mac OS). See thePreferences article for detailed information."

                      But then on the preferences page it says its not recommended to delete but use the keyboard commands to reset instead.


                      Could this be any more confusing?

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                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                        Did you follow these instructions from the Help page linked to?


                        To render Sketch and Toon, do the following:

                        1. From the Create menu in the Cinema 4D application, choose Create > Material > Sketch Material.
                          1. In the Render Settings dialog, set the popup to Renderer: Standard.
                          2. In the Render Settings dialog, ensure Sketch and Toon post effects is added and checked
                        2. Save the .c4d file with Sketch and Toon enabled.
                        3. Sketch and Toon will be rendered by the Cineware effect when the renderer settings in the effect is set to Standard (Final).

                        Note: You can control Sketch and Toon for individual objects in the Object manager by addingTags>Sketch Tags>Sketch Style (see the Cinema 4D Help documentation for more information about Sketch and Toon).



                        With the global Sketch and Toon post effect setting enabled in the C4D Render Settings dialog, some scenes may not render all objects with Sketch and Toon. Add the Sketch Style Tag to all items (or just group all objects to a null and add the tag to the null). This particular issue is addressed in a service pack update for CINEMA 4D R15 only.

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                          Arrakis Level 1

                          Yes have  followed the steps many times.


                          It does not work.


                          I have been on the phone to Adobe today and shared my screen and they can see that the render path in options of cineware keeps reverting back to default cineware renderer even after changing, restarting and purging.  They think it might be something in preferences but resetting them didnt help so they may need to edit something.

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                            sebastian h.

                            Hey all, hey Arrakis


                            In your C4D render settings, do you have several effects in the effects list? If you do, try moving the sketch and toon effect on top of your effect list.




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                              Arrakis Level 1

                              I only have the one effect  ie sketch and toon

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                                I'm using the Cinema 4d R15 Student version and I can't change my renderer. I really need global illumination in my scene, but it doesn't show up, because the Lite-Version renders my file. It would be great, if someone could fix that...

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                                  Edfed Level 1

                                  Ok, I just recognized the problem. Its the Render-Path, the Path should be the Standard-Path for the Application "Application/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R15/CINEMA 4D.app", nothing else.

                                  In my case the path is "Application/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R15 Student/CINEMA 4D Student.app" and After Effects can't read it. But changing it is illegal and will downgrade my Version to

                                  a Trial-Version. I really need a solution for that!

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                                    Arrakis Level 1

                                    Hi Edfed,


                                    Not sure what you mean by "it is illegal and will downgrade my Version to

                                    a Trial-Version."


                                    I have tried to change mine and it wont change. Just reverts back to CineWare.  I dont see any legal obligation to not change the render path.  There is an option drop down box to do it so I doubt it is illegal.  I have tried multiple times and mine does not revert to trial.  Where did you get this information?

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                                      Edfed Level 1

                                      It is absolutely legal to change the render path in After Effects, don't get me wrong. If you rename the file "Cinema 4D Student.app" into "Cinema 4D.app"(The only description After Effects CC can read right now), this will revert my Cinema 4D Version to a trial-version! BUT than you can finally change the render-path in After-Effects and it won't change into Lite anymore. So MAXON doesn't allow renaming student-versions, but is the only way the render-path will change.

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                                        Arrakis Level 1

                                        Oh I see what you mean. Thats a bummer.  Thanks for letting me know. Ive been going insane trying to work it out.
                                          Who can possibly afford to spend over $3000 of a piece of software anyway. I mean I love it but theres no way I could drop that much on an app.  I suppose we will have to be stuck with the limitations for now.