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    How to apply a Selection as a Mask?

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      OS: Windows 8 64bit > Ps6 CC


      I have made a painters palette with a paint brush and i made a shadow for the brush by making a copy > placing it below the original brush layer > made a selection > filled it with black > lowered the master opacity and then added a gaussian blur.


      however, i would like to fade the shadow out on the palette.


      i can't figure out exactly how to do this...


      i entered quick mask mode > drew a black to white gradient from the upper left to the lower right corner


      then i exit the quick mask mode and there's now a selection but i'm not sure how to apply this selection as a mask to the shadow ...


      i already have a mask on the layer of the shadow.


      here are the layers so that maybe they can help you to help me.




      i've tried having the mask selected (unlike in this screen shot), and then hitting the mask icon at the bottom. i've tried everything i can think of trying.


      thank you for your time. i hope i've explained myself well enough.


      ps. the layer that says: "Brush Shadow" shows that the Palette is in the Mask and that the Brush Shadow is in the thumbnail to the left of it.


      also, please don't mind the question mark. that's just a "note to self"


      thanks again!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You are making hard work of it.  Easiest way is to use the Layer style drop shaddow.  If you don't have all the options you need, right click the drop shaddow and choose Create layer.  This will seperate the layer style so you can add a layer mask etc.


          Other way, and what I tend to do, is ctrl click the object layer to load it a a selection.  Add a new layer under the object layer, and fill the selection with black (Alt backspace with black as foreground colour).  Then you can free transform; add a layer mask, run a gradient up the layer mask, blur etc.


          Any time you have an active selection, you can either a) add alayer mask, or b) open an adjustment layer. Both will have the mask filled with black outside the selected area.  I quite like this option because the Mask Properties panel gives you addional options.  Horses for courses though.  Whatever works best in the situation you are in.

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            Kar209 Level 1

            thank you so much for your quick reply. i'll check things out that you've suggested and get back to you as soon as possible.


            i appreciate your time!!

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              First of all, I am very sorry that I haven't gotten back to you before now.


              I did everything you taught me and it worked out brillantly !! So, thank you very much!


              I appreciate your time.