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    Trouble after plugin install

    camelbreath Level 1

      I am running Windows 7 64 bit and Creative Cloud on my desktop and lapop. Yesterday, I installed the fine Teacup Typefitter Pro for InDesign CC plugin. Today if I attempt to open InDesign by clicking on an INDD file in Windows Explorer, the program stalls after a few seconds. Then if I attempt to open the program with the desktop icon, it will not open, nor will it open with by going the Windows Explorer click-on-INDD file route.


      So I restart the computer and then click on the INDD desktop icon and the progam opens and operates normally. Then I close the program, take a break, come back, click on the INDD desktop icon and the program will not open. So I restart and open the program with the desktop icon and it operates normally. After I shut INDD down and later attempt a restart, the program will not open ... and I do he restart procedure again.


      When I attempt opening on the laptop, the same circumstances occur. I have tried deleting preferences, changing administators, and opening as administrator, none of which solve the problem.


      I have used the plugin for numerous versions of INDD and find that it works seamlessly and flawlessly, so I am reluctant to point the finger in that direction. On the other hand, INDD in both machines operated normally until the install. I have tried Adobe Tech support and he guy punted to "Escalated service," which will call be back in 24 hours. In the meantime, does anyone have any bright ideas?





      There are no "SING" folders in either installation.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ensure you're fully up to date - Help>Updates



          Try reset your preferences




          If that doesn't work.


          Uninstall the plugin - and try it again.



          If symptoms persist, try trashing your prefs again.



          If it works ok then try reinstall the plugin.



          If the symptoms return contact the plugin vendor.

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            camelbreath Level 1

            Thanks Eugene,

            Did all of the above to no avail. Now waiting on Adobe "Escalated" support to call and an answer from the plugin maker.



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              camelbreath Level 1

              I got an email from Adobe Support with the solution. Here it is and it worked:


              If you have 64 bit computer, navigate to the below location.
              C:\Program Files(X86)\Common Files\Adobe folder\SL Cache folder.
              Move the contents of SL Cache to desktop.

              Click on Start button, type %appdata% and press enter.
              You will be able to view Roaming folder.
              Click on 'Appdata' in the address bar , open Local/Adobe folder.
              Locate the folder named 'AAMUpdater' and 'OOBE' and rename it to AAMUpdaterold' and 'OOBEold'.

              Once you are done with the above steps, click on Start button>All Programs.
              Locate and launch the Creative Cloud desktop application.

              Then try launching the Creative Cloud products and check if you are able to launch the products without any issues.  


              I was not able to rename the OOBE folder, but the process worked any way.