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    CS3 tearing my hair out


      I have a copy of CS3 that was registered (but seemingly not on any of my current emails) had been activated etc.

      After Win XP Pro crashed without warning, I could not uninstall and it did not work after reloading the system. Have recently done a clean install of Win7Pro and guess what, CS3 is there in the software still.(not in the Windows old folder...the actual software) Cannot uninstall with CS Cleaner, it says there is nothing there. Have spoken to Chat, who suggested coming back here.

      Now even worse, I tried to reregister my CS3 on my current account and it says the serial number is not valid, whether this is due to it still being on the system somewhere, I don't know.

      I am now lost, as I don't know whether to simply delete CS3 and try reloading, try the 'Trial' download idea or see if I can work out just what email I usdd when I registered it. (No it is not a current one, i've tried)

      Help Please

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Not sure what you mean by "not in the Windows old folder...the actual software".  How did it get there and where is it. 


          If you tried a transfer program that will not work with PS.  Need to install with disks or download.

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            CristiK51 Level 1

            Hi Curt,

            when you upgrade from Windows XP Pro to 7 Pro as a 'clean install' all your old files and settings from XP go into a folder 'Old'. Everything else should be deleted. The CS3 in question was installed before XP crashed, I reloaded XP and CS3 (installed to another partition) would not work, so as I knew I was upgrading Windows I left it alone. All the software loaded in XP has turned up in the Window 7 system folders, not the 'Old' folder (good in some cases) which can be properly cleared and the CC cleaner does not recognise CS3.

            I have a 64 X2 Athlon system but still using 32 as the 64 disc would not load

            I have my original boxed dvd of Photoshop with the serial number.