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    Trackable QR codes


      I see that you can make a QR code, but how do you make it trackable? This is so I can see who is using the QR code to find our site, vs. other means.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I usually set it up under a redirect.


          That is if I want to have a QR code going to "mysite.com/event1" I'll set up a redirect with "mysite.com/eventqr1"


          When clicking that it will got event 1 under the redirect.


          I can then see on the analytics who has clicked eventqr1 or eventqr2 etc.

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            One method could be to generate short urls from url shorteners like bit.ly or goo.gl and add them to your codes. They provide statistics on how many times the link was visited. However, if you want to change the url that your code will point to dynamically then you will have to use dedicated Dynamic QR Code Generator like  Scanova (http://scanova.io) . They also provide advance features like qr code designer, svg export, custom url hashes, advanced analytics etc.