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    vertical scrolling based on buttons and NOT Mouse


      I have 5 elements, basically rectangles with different colors. What I want to do is scroll to particular color based on buttons action. I have placed 5 buttons above the first rectangle. Based on the button action it should scroll to a particular color and the 5 buttons should stay in the same place.


      I have created the layout in edge of what i want to do. I dont want the scrollbars hence, I have then hidden. And I dont want to achieve this using mouse scroll but with buttons. Scrolling using the buttons.


      example download:




      @heathrowe's example comes close to what i want to achieve. he has different menu items on each rectangle. I tried doing it but was unable to make the things work.



      EDIT: If I create a website in Adobe Muse using anchors and add actions on buttons to switch to that anchor, I want o do something similar in Adobe Edge. I had almost done the same with Muse, unfortunately it doesn't have responsive support, therefore I'm trying to do it in Edge


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