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    CF10 Server Oddities - Flakiness

    RLS Level 1

      I installed CF10 Server onto a VPS. it only has 2 GB RAM and I intend to upgrade that tomorrow, but nevertheless, CF10 is acting very strange -- or maybe it's just my programs. These programs have been running for many years, but I just moved them to this new server, so that could be half the problem.


      Anyway, the problems.  I can visit the site and get error "A".  Hit Ctrl-R and I'll get error "B". Or maybe error "A" again.  Or maybe this time the site will come up.   I can click the menus and move around, and then I'll get error "A again. Or "B". No rhyme or reason.  Sometimes the query will time out.  All over the board.


      I Have Not Applied Any Updates.  I just bought this -- do you need to apply updates to a new purchase (downloaded from Adobe, applied license)? While I have run CF servers since 1996, they've always been on managed platforms where I didn't have to worry about updates, or they've been local dev copies where the usage was minimal and mostly pre-CF10, never noticed any anomolies like this.


      Memory right now is running in  the 90% range, cpu is usually under 15% utilization.  I realize the memory usage is high and could be leading to the flakiness.  I get that.


      There are about 70 domains / 50 web sites on this server. It's also running SQL Server Express 2012.  NOT the optimal environment, but I am devolving to hobby status for server hosting so it's not that big a concern but the problems I'm running into with this are cutting into my consulting time. :-)


      Your thoughts on the updates and optimal memory amount appreciated.



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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There have been 12 relevant hotfix updates (the 13th update applies only if you are running Mac OSX Mavericks) released for CF10, plus a mandatory update to fix security certificate issues with the updater.  Many of the updates affect integration issues with IIS (it sounds like you are running on Windows).  I would suggest installing the mandatory updater per Adobe's instructions, then installing the latest update (which for Windows would be hotfix 12).  The hotfixes are cumulative, so you don't have to install each of them - the latest will do.  Also, make sure that after you install the update you rebuild the IIS connectors per Adobe's instructions.


          As for memory, if you are running SQL Server alongside ColdFusion on the same box, I'd suggest at least 6-8 GB RAM (2 for the OS, 2 for SQL Server Express, and 2-4 for ColdFusion).  If possible, I'd run the 64-bit version of ColdFusion so you can allocate more memory to the JVM.


          -Carl V.

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            RLS Level 1

            Thank you, Carl!


            I also found, thanks to another forum item, that the virtual directories of CFIDE and jakarta need to be present on every website, otherwise that 404 error comes shining through. That also helped a lot of my issues.


            I'll look into these updates now.