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    Indesign pdf export issues...

    Jillian Barnes

      Hi, I've completed a 284 page photo book and am trying (and failing) to export it.  I'm using indesign CS5 and a MacBook Pro 10.7.5 with mountain lion. I have tried many, many things to try to fix this including updating CS5, uninstalling and reinstalling it, opening my doc in safe mode, getting rid of the preferences, adding the txt doc to get rid of background tasks, downloaded an app to clean my memory, moving a bunch of files to my external drive and off the Mac, turned off preflight, turning off any unnecessary apps. I've tried downloading a trial version of CSS and also saving the doc as .imdl, etc etc.


      I believe the problem has something to do with inactive memory. Prior to attempting to upload, I restart my computer and see in the activity monitor that I have about 5 of 8gb free. When I start exporting, the inactive memory grows and grows until I get to about page 110 - when the inactive memory is 'full' the export quits and I get the failed to upload message. The document is about 645 mb so I am thinking 5 free gb should suffice but it doesn't. I have tried clearing the memory during the export process but that aborts it.


      My understanding is that inactive memory 'switches out' with active memory so apps can function, but this doesn't seem to happen.


      I've been at this for two weeks and would appreciate any suggestion regarding how to fix this short of buying a new Mac with double the memory.