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    Resizing image (and its frame) and keeping its position and proportions


      Hi everybody,


      I'm working on a script that is supposed to export an image in a InDesign document to several different sizes (for web usage).


      So, I have the sizes of the output image and I have a placed Image inside the InDesign document.


      If I do this manually I do the following:


      1. Select the images frame

      2. Hold cmd and resize the frame to the size I want.

      3. JPEG export and I'm done.



      When I want to do this by script I do the following:

      1. Find the frame I want.

      2. Do the resize = pageItem.resize(CoordinateSpaces.INNER_COORDINATES, AnchorPoint.CENTER_ANCHOR, ResizeMethods.REPLACING_CURRENT_DIMENSIONS_WITH, [sizes.widthPts, sizes.heightPts]);

      3. Do an export =  pageItem.exportFile(settings.exportFormat, output);


      BUT here is the problem. I can't get the resize function to resize the frame AND the image in the same way I do when I do it manually.


      Do any of you guys know how to do this? It feels like it should be something easy...



      Thankful for any help I can get.


      (Happy new year!)



      Ruy Ramos