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    How do I prevent InDesign CS4files trying to open in InDesign CC?


      Subscribed to CC for a month for a project, and the FAQ assured me that I could run it alongside the existing CS4 on my Mac, it wouldn't delete or interfere with it. Well, it may not delete, but every CS4 document I have is now set to automatically open with the CC version, so if I fail to notice they'll end up in a later version of InDesign, and after my sub ends I won't even be able to open them and save back down to IDML to get them back into CS4. (I freelance, and at the moment I am really not sure of keeping up with these apps since it all went cloudy.)


      I can do "open with" for that document, of course, but if I try to set documents in their information panel to "do this for all documents of this type", it just WON'T! They all pop back to CC, including the one I have the info panel open on. Which I can only assume is Adobe messing with the finder function, because that has never failed for me before.


      And even when I have done a Save As and SEEN in the format drop down that it says CS4, the icon for that new document still comes up black and when I look at the info panel, lo and behold THAT new document is set to open automatically in CC.


      Do I have to reset every  document (hundreds) manually in the info panel, one by one, to get them to ignore this temporary visitor to my Mac?


      Or is there actually some better, faster, mass effect way to prevent this happening? I'd appreciate any help. (Or a secondhand copy of cloud-free CS6!)


      thanks, Candida