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    Documentation ?

    Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Where do i have a chance to read precisely what artboardRect is made of ? Couldn't find in ESTK's DOM view tool neither the javascript pdf.


      I was expecting something like :

      PathItems.rectangle (top: number , left: number , width: number , height: number , reversed: Boolean ): PathItem

      Adobe Illustrator 17 Type Library

      Used to create a rectangular path item. Not for path item access.

      top: Data Type: number

      The top coordinate of the rectangle's bounds.

      left: Data Type: number

      The left coordinate of the rectangle's bounds.

      width: Data Type: number

      The width of the rectangle.

      height: Data Type: number

      The height of the rectangle.

      reversed (optional): Data Type: Boolean , Default Value: false

      Is the rectangle path reversed?

      instead i get :


      Data Type: Rect

      Adobe Illustrator 17 Type Library

      Size and position of artboard.

      But i have no further info about what "rect" covers. Is it Top Left Width Height, or anything else.


      Except trial and error, do you have some other reference to check ? (i found Peter Kahrel's and Marc Autret's Script UI pdf and feel a bit surprise by the "dry" documentation.