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    Warp trails

    Pierre Devereux Level 2

      Hi guys,


      Has anyone had any luck creating the Warp Trail effect from the new Star Trek film using trapcode Particular? It is one plugin I have not played around close to enough yet, but if I could figure out a similar effect with it, I could use it to spice up our current pitch!




      Thank you


      Pierre Devereux

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Can't remember much of the visual details, only that the movie's story was rather mediocre at best.... Are you looking to create the inside view while in the (trans)warp corridor or the external view? The latter should be easy as it's pretty much only some straight trail effect with a bit of chromatic abberation/ channel shifting to create a bit of dispersion. The in-flight views would be better done with real geometry i.e. some cylinder/ cone with a suitable texture map. in that case one would only add subtle particles to accentuate the whole thing...



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Do you have an example image (or, ideally, video clip) of what you're talking about? I've not watched it enough to have an idea of what it looks like firmly in my head. I don't recall it being terribly complicated to copy, but I could have a faulty memory.

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              Pierre Devereux Level 2



              Ok, here is a link to a youtube video posted a while back showing the effects I am looking for:




              I am taking Rick's advice that he gives often, and trying to peel the effect apart and see if I can figure it out. Here is what I have so far:


              There are several layers and blending modes etc. The initial "Burst" seems to be a solid stripe, overlaying another layer (or several layers) with smaller/thinner stripes. I am guessing this should be easily replicated with particular. The solid stripes fade out, revealing the thinner ones below. There are then also several layers with thin stripes all around as well. Angling and direction is obviously using the light as an emitter, and a 3D camera. Up to this point, I think I got it, but then the trails start to, sort of, "warp" and twist slightly, seperating and blurring as it continues to move - and then fading out. The movement through the particles at around 35/36 seconds, and 58 seconds is also quite nice.


              I am having a little trouble with camera control to get that right. I followed Andrew Kramers light streak tutorials to get a jump start on the streaks (http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/light_streaks/).





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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                You could try to create the smoeky effect with Aux particles spawning very late in the original "streak" particles life (start their emission literall a blink before the main particles die) and then give them a very long life span so they can fade out. This might also give you some chnace to add Turbulence without the main particles being visible. You may just need to play how muhc inheritance there is. Generally I think they used a 3D program particle system, though. This looks like they used time-triggered behaviors and spawning to create the look.



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                  Pierre Devereux Level 2

                  Hi Mylenium,


                  Thanks for the input.