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    why After Effects CC renders only 12 seconds ?


      I just got After Effects Creative Cloud and  to try it out, I made a 2 minutes long vidéo. When it's time to render it, it will only render 12 seconds and than stop, when I try to render more, the lines passes from green to blue. If somebody knows how to fix this, it would be really nice! By the way I got a Mac Book Pro with the latest version of OS X.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As someone new to AE, you really, really need to start here. If you skip it, you will keep running into frustrations like that.

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            MushDesigns Level 1

            Thanks alot, it cleared 22 gigs on my computer but it still wont let me do the full render of my video...

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you mean render then your Output Module Render Settings are set to work area instead of composition length. Go through the basics.


              If you mean RAM preview then, depending on the project you will have to lower the resolution of your comp window preview or skip frames. AE is NOT a NLE and will NOT playback long high resolution sequences in real time. You cannot use all system ram for previews. More helps, free memory helps, but you have to learn to work around the limitations.


              My normal work flow for an animation is to plan, set up the timing of the animation using markers or other visual cues, set the initial motion keyframes, do a 1/4 or 1/2 rez motion preview, finish the final color grading and effects work checking key points of the animation at full resolution and full screen to verify the shot looks the way I want at just those key points, then I add that comp to the AME cue to render a test while I move on to the next shot or effect. Total amount of time I spend waiting for and looking at full resolution full length shots to RAM preview before rendering is zero minutes. Motion tests and initial animation can happen very quickly and this will give you time to refine the other elements of your 'shot' in a more productive manner. The only longer than a minute projects that I have done completely inside AE are dynamic text animations and most of that kind of animation is just motion so 1/4 rez motion tests are really all you need to do to check timing. Keep motion blur and other effects turned off while you're checking the timing, then turn them on, check a few key frames or a second or two of a transition and move on. You'll get way more done in a day.


              For most of my projects a 2 minute comp is extremely long. I suspect that you are trying to create a whole sequence in AE and edit there. AE is for shots. Most shots in movies or commercials are just a few seconds. You should be creating your shots in AE and editing the shots to tell the best story in a NLE. While this sounds like it involves more steps and is just more work to do, in the end, it's a way more efficient way to work.

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                Sir, you have just enlighten me in a MASSIVE way!. Thanks!