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    XML defined Flex Charts

      I am reading in some xml from a servlet to create a chart. But I'd like for the servlet to supply not just the raw data for the chart, but also all of the formatting elements as well as an indeterminate number of series. The flex application would create a new series instance for each one defined in the xml. And the chart type would also be read in from the xml. I have had no problem creating static charts but this kind of amorphous "all-comers" chart seems quite difficult to achieve.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I haven't done this with Charting, but am sure the theory is the same.

          You will need to parse the xml, and then manually instantiate the components, probably addChild(), but again, I haven't done any dynamic charts.

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            Solerous Level 1
            I could try addChild once I read the xml, but beyond getting the data into the chart dynamically, I do not even know how to access the xml data. I am brand new to flex. Should I put it in an ArrayCollection? If so, how do I get it there? I need to read in an indeterminate # of series, each with a list of x,y points (or perhaps a single value for column series) and create a new series of the type specified in the xml file and add it to my generic master chart.

            Does anyone have any ideas/experience with this?