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    How can I setup a navigation toolbar?


      Dear all,


      I am a newbie of Adobe Edge.

      I have the urgent need to create a micro e-learning project, intended as a video tutorial of about 15 minutes, comprehensive of 10 steps (no test at the end, no quiz, just something very simple but attractive in terms of graphics and animation).


      A very important requirement is to setup a simple but effective navigational toolbar that allow user to stop and play the animation, and above all, to go to previous or next 'step' of the tutorial.


      To solve the problem, my idea is the following:

      - first, I'd like to create about 10 different animations (each of them of about 1 minute and half) which emcompass both audio, animations, graphics, text and speech..

      - then, I have to put these animations in a sequence, and create the toolbar.


      Can anyone help me and suggest if this is a good way?


      Or it is better to work with one only file?
      I have little programming skills and I would like to do the less programming I can.


      And, moreover, which is the best solution for the creation of such a simple navigation toolbar?

      Does exist some template that I can refer to?


      Thank you all for any kind support.