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    RH10 makes double path to some images and fails to compile HTML Help

    rasterdan Level 1

      I have a project that has been upgraded many times.  Until RH10 it has been working and still works in RH9.  RH10 fails to compile this project and "Stops Working" in Win7-64.  This project has been removed from version control which has not changed the failure but has made testing a lot faster.


      Near the beginning of the compile 2 warnings popup about two images we use as bullets which it says the source doesn't exist.  The reason it doesn't exist is because it is doubling the path ( example:  D:\project files\testproject\D:\project files\test project\WarningSymbol.jpg "cannot be copied to" D:\project files\testproject\!SS!\Microsoft_Html_Help\!chm_temp_folder_0\D:\project files\testproject\D:\project files\test project\WarningSymbol.jpg". reason: source does not exist.


      Go figure, the path is whacked.  I have attempted to search every style and every page for the use of these images and somewhere buried in this project is a hidden link in the code that I can't seem to find.


      Also, the last file compiled before stopping has been remade so I think that topic is ok.  I cut all the text and pasted to notepad and then replaced and reformated to make sure there were no strange characters hidden.  No luck.


      Anyone seen this???