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    Flash always forces download for updates

    Lhotka Level 1

      OSX 10.9, flash set to 'notify' not automatically update.  Every time there's an update, clicking on the 'check now button', it goes out to the Adobe website and forces a download of an installer (which isn't actually an installer - just an adobe-automatic downloader).  To get the downloader to download, I have to disable cookie blocking so Adobe can force-feed me advertising.  Then, after downloading the downloader, it wants to connect to multiple servers, including a number of tracking servers, before actually getting flash to install.


      This used to just download the update directly and apply it.  Adobe, look, we understand you want to advertise products, but this is really annoying, painful and time consuming.   Flash is a dying technology - giving us even more reasons to uninstall it may not be the best business practice out there.