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    viewing images  using Bridge.


      I am unable to view images directly from CF card using Bridge.     The camera files simply show as graphic icons.  I have not had this problem before.  Is there a setting I need to adjust ? 

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Could be your card files are corrupted.  Do you format card in the camera each time you take off the old image?

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            Omke Oudeman Level 5

            You probably have not the correct ACR version to match your Raw files from your digital camera, check this out:






            And in general is it not the best idea to view the files directly from the card in Bridge, it is preferred to use Adobe Photo downloader or drag and drop the files from card to computer and then view the files.


            Changes are when you view them directly from card you start deleting or rating etc and writing / deleting to and from a CF card other then using the In-Camera software can lead to very unwanted behavior or failure.

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              I too am having trouble viewing my images in Bridge.  I actually brought the images into Bridge using the downloader.  I have the following setup:

              Mac OS 10.6.8

              PSE 10.0(20110131.m.17215)


              Bridge CS4

              D7000 Camera (.nef files)


              Bridge Cache Preferences are set to Automatically Export Cache to Folders when Possible

              I have purged the Cache in the folder

              Both PSE and Bridge reside in the Root of the Applications Folder

              I have even run Disk Utility and View and Repaired any permission issues.

              I have tried closing and reopening Bridge using the Option/Click to refresh the preferences.


              All with no success.  If anyone knows what else to try I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. 

              Thanks in advance!

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                Curt Y Level 7



                Confused by your setup.  CS4 only supports ACR 5.x.  PSE 10 does not come with Bridge.  Does PSE support ACR 6.7?

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                  deibertt Level 1

                  Curt Y,


                  Thanks for the quick response.  I did go out to the Adobe site to confirm that 6.7 works with pse 10.  It added some additional cameras, though mine was suppose to already work with previous versions of ACR.  Here's the Adobe download link that talks about 6.7 and pse 10  http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5382

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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    Since you use export cache to folders you have 2 cache locations.  THe only way to purge folder cache is with Tools/cache/purge


                    Most problems with ACR is having more than one file in the folder, or flle in wrong folder.  Have no idea where these files reside in PSE so you might have to try that forum.

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                      deibertt Level 1

                      Yes, I've tried it both ways with 100% previews in Cache and the Auto Export to Folders.  Neither with any success.  In both instances, I used Tools/Cache/Purge, closed the app and reopend directly from the Apps folder(not the Dock) using the Option/Click Feature.  For me, my cache is being stored in Users/me/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS4/Cache/


                      I checked there and deleted any cache files.  Sadly, still no luck.  I'm sure its some setting I have incorrect, just not sure where to go from here.  I'll look in the Community under PSE and see if there is any info out there....if you run across anything or if anyone else can chime in, I'd truly appreciate it...I'm this close to just bagging it and getting photomechanic, lightroom or something else, but most of my previous work is already loaded in Bridge...It would be a pain to have to switch (let alone the additional cost.)


                      Thanks again for the quick response...hoping to still find an answer here in the community.

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                        Omke Oudeman Level 5

                        Te problem lies in your combination of PSE 10 and Bridge CS4, they don't match.


                        PSE 8 was the only version that came out with Bridge CS4, al later versions don't match with Bridge but have their own way for sorting, called the Elements Organizer.


                        I have PSE 10 on my Mac just for testing but as a long time PS and Bridge user I really can't find my way in the PS Elements workflow, it just is not suitable for my professional workflow.


                        So you have three choices:


                        - start using the Elements Organizer

                        - buy Adobe Lightroom that has a better workflow and more options then PSE

                        - start using PS, there is a PSCC special subscription offer for photographers that includes PSCC, BridgeCC, Lightroom 5 and some cloud storage for a reasonable monthly fee.