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    Contribute 4 Publish error

      I am able to set up the ftp connection from Contribute. The problem is after making an edit and hitting publish I get the following:
      Publishing your draft... uploading index.htm... waiting for server...
      I then wait until finally getting:
      Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections.
      BUT, the index page is changed, but only partially loaded. Top half of page shows as if the upload was stopped mid-way. Contribute also places an index.htm.lck file on the server. So obviously it is connecting, but I am at a loss as to why I can't publish. The hosting company has been thru everything with me and all appears fine on their end.
      Any ideas or suggestions?
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          try setting up a new connection and adjust the advanced FTP connections to other settings, one of which might allow the upload to process without the half-load of your edits. I sometimes get this error when I was doing updates from a Satellite ISP, then I tried the updates from another wireless hotspot connection (I am using a Macbook Pro portable so I can move to better spots) If the changes in FTP settings do not help, then perhaps you can try a different connection location as well, to rule out a location specific issue