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    Print Button??


      How can I add a print button to a online form so the user can print of a copy of their completed form?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          This depends on whether you are distributing your form as a "Web" (HTML) form or "PDF".


          Web forms do not print well and there is way to add a "Print" button.  There is a "Email Reciepts" feature you can enable that will email the form filler a reciept which can include the form data.


          For PDF you can add a "Print" button, if that is your desire let me know and I will point you to instructions.




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            drmark09 Level 1

            Hi Josh,


            How do I enable the fill filler to email the form data?


            Thanks so much,



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Assuming you are using FormsCentral, one of the features in a Paid level subscription is "Email Reciepts" and "Email Notifications" which you can configure to send a Reciept (to the form filler) and/or Notification (to the author and/or co-authors) that can include the form data.  The data in this email is in a list format and does not look like the original form, but it does contain the submitted data (for any attachments the file name is listed, the attachment has to be downloaded from the Response Table in FormsCentral).


              These are enabled from the "Options" tab and the corresponding sub-tabs.