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    Oswald font - not printing correctly from InDesign PDF


      Hi - hoping someone can shed some light as I've been going slightly crazy trying to figure out what's happening.


      I'm working on a Mac. I'm using the .ttf fonts of the Oswald family - obtained from Google fonts (and various other sources to rule out corrupt files).


      When exporting the PDF from InDesign and printing it myself, there are no issues. When I send the PDF to others on a Windows machine, it prints fine.


      When sending the PDF to my client (always the way) some of the font characters are, well, nudged down half way almost, out of alignment. It only happens on some characters, not all.


      We only discovered this before submitting an ad to the printers, and for safetys sake, converted all the text to outlines. Ok for now, however not a long term solution as we need to be able to use this font for live situations.


      Has anyone experienced this before? Or perhaps can anyone suggest a workaround? I have to use TTF fonts as a 3rd party company who are working on some dynamic brochures have requested it.


      I'm literally at a loss.


      Thanks in advance.