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    Flv Export Problem PAR make Crop on it


      hi i create an Project for making intro for my Flash with size : 768 * 520


      when i want to export my comp and go to setting of render Queue in output module setting , when i select FLV format or F4V i get attention Icon down the window that says :


      warning: output file will be resized from 768*520 ( 1.09 PAR) to 768*520 ( 1.0) par to meet format constrainst



      the flv is played well in KM player and Other external Video players and the size is 768*520 but when i import this video to Flash The video have White crop on top and down of video ( white is background color of my video in AE )


      it seems something related to PAR


      how can i solve this PAR problem and prevent this crop in Flash ?