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    Make waveforms bigger in audition

    Preutz Level 1



      To start with, i could not find the right forum to put this discussion in because this is about Audition (please move it to the right forum).


      I can not find a option to make my waveforms bigger (just visual) in the multitrack session. Do anyone know how to do it?





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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved post from the Creative Cloud to the Audition forum. They will be able to help you here.


          Main page for the Audition forum is http://forums.adobe.com/community/audition.

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            Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Well, you have a couple of options.


            You can either highlight the track you want larger and use the controls that look like little magnifying glasses (usually bottom right of the Multitrack track window unless you/ve customised your screen).  The arrows beside the magnifying glass icon show whether you're stretching horizontally, vertically or both.  You can also return to showing every track (but small) with another of these controls.


            Or, for a vertical stretch, you can just grab the line at the bottom of the control panel for the track you want to stretch and just drag it downwards.


            if you're in a multi monitor set up, you can move just the waveform part of the display to it's own screen to make more room,

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              SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

              There are other options here too - mainly involving the mouse wheel. Somebody asked about this the other week, so I went through the lot; it goes like this:


              Vertical scrolling and zooming in Multitrack view is different according to where the mouse is positioned when you do it. If you hold the mouse over the vertical scroll bar, the results will vary according to where you hold it on the bar (yes really!). If you hold it at the top, then you get what you describe above - but if you hold it in the middle, it will zoom around that point. If you hold it at the bottom, it will zoom to the lowest part of your display. If you hold the mouse over the display, it will simply scroll vertically. Okay, the behaviour is a bit flaky (well I think it is) but it does sort-of work.


              Additionally, you should be aware that in Waveform view, you can achieve vertical zooming-in on a waveform by holding the mouse over the dB scale and using the wheel there, instead of on the waveform (which scrolls horizontally).

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                AusFastLife Level 1

                All the Answers to this question seem to not quite grasp what the question is asking.  Since I am having the same problem and desperately need to know the answer I thought I might clarify.


                In WAVEFORM VIEW when you click on the little magnify glass with the + sign in it (Zoom in (Amplitude)) as shown in Figure 1:


                Figure 1.jpg


                You zoom in on the wave form of a track such that the amplitude of the waveform is larger.  So the wave form will go frm something like this (Figure 2):


                Figure 2.jpg


                To something like this (Figure 3):


                Figure 3.jpg


                But in MULTITRACK VIEW for some reason when you click on the same button or press ALT + = or when using the scroll wheel when you are mousing over the track control panel on the left hand side of the track, you don't zoom in on the amplitude of the waveform as you are suppose to, you just reduce the number of tracks showing on the screen.  eg you go from this (Figure 4; in this example I am showing four tracks in my multitrack view):


                Figure 4.jpg


                To this (Figure 5; I am now showing 2 tracks in my multi track view):


                Figure 5.jpg

                But note that the amplitude of the track which is what that command is suppose to change has not altered.


                So to repeat Preutz's Question, does anyone know how to zoom the amplitude of waveforms in the multitrack view.  Thanks heaps in advance for your suggestions!

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  The waveforms displayed in multitrack clips represent the original source audio signal, which represent the loudness or strength of the audio data.  If the source asset is amplified in Waveform view, then the waveform will appear larger in the linked multitrack clips.


                  A request that has come up more often lately is to display a larger waveform when amplifying a clip, but not many have asked for just zooming the displayed height of the waveform without also amplifying the loudness.  I'll add these notes to the feature request entry in our system, and give some thought to how best to present the various options:

                  1. Don't adjust the waveform height at all (current behavior)
                  2. Adjust the waveform height to represent the altered loudness (through clip gain or volume envelope)
                  3. Adjust the waveform height without altering the loudness (zoom)
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                    Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    My personal preference is to have Options 1 and 3 (which we, in effect, have now).


                    I'd find your option 2 a bit dangerous since, in Waveform View, the waveform height changes with permanent and destructive volume changes.  Since clip gain and volume envelopes don't actually make any changes to the clip/file, making the waveform only appear bigger is potentially misleading.


                    I use the volume envelopes a lot and the zig-zag of that line is generally enough for me, but maybe some kind of colour flash or other change in the display to indicate when the level in your mix has been adjusted away from the zero level on the clip?

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                      SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

                      I can sort-of understand why some people might want option 2, but personally I'm quite happy with the waveform that's actually there, and the modifier being clear. So pretty much I'd agree with Bob, and for the same reasons.

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                        jeffdjohnson Level 1

                        Maybe it's blasphemy to post this here, but really what we're looking for is the same thing as what ProTools does in this department.  When you magnify the amplitude (separate of track height) it all is magnified together.  Copy that functionality and we're set. 


                        Thanks for the hard work guys!