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    Tool bar "pop-ups" won't pop. How do I fix this?

    Brian Ross Community Member

      I started having the problem in Adobe Fireworks CS5. I upgraded to CC and CS-6 Fireworks and I'm still having the same problems. I just tried Illustrator and Photoshsop and the toolbars there are broken as well.  All of my pop-ups are locked up. They won't pop-up with other items to switch over to.  I can find no fix for it.  Any tool where you can change how that tool functions does not pop-up.


      Any ideas?

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          I'm having a similar issue with Illustrator (CS6).  When I click on the side panel stroke and fill, I should get a pop up to select web only, and any colors I need, but it is not working.  I keep clicking but nothing happens.  It's really slowing my work down.  Another pop up I noticed isn't working is in the layers panel. I should be able to click to get an options pop up to rename layers as needed, but this pop up isn't working either.  I really need help to solve this... I have a Mac OS-X Snow Leopard.

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            Herbert2001 Community Member

            Turn off Spotify (which is known for incompatibility with Fireworks), and check if you have Chrome running with the Google Play Music add-on.

            If that does not resolve your issues, try turning off all other applications one by one.

            Fireworks is no longer maintained, supported, or developed (since May 2013) by Adobe, and compatibility issues are bound to happen at this point.