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    What's the latest Robohelp version which can export to Winhelp 4 .HLP ?




      We've been working with Robohelp X5 for 'a while' now, and due to some issues with 'latest' Word versions (I think any Office after 2000 is giving us issues), so  we want to renew our license to the latest version possible.


      We've been trying Robohelp 9 (it has Robohelp for Word and it can export to Winhelp 4 (.hlp) format).

      We also tried Robohelp 11 and didn't find nor Robohelp for Word nor Winhelp 4 export possibilities.


      What about Robohelp 10? Does anybody know if it has Robohelp for Word AND can it export to Winhelp 4?


      Thank you in advance.