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    Before and After Program Installation Checklist?

    head spin

      I have read various posts with various basic problems and solutions to get Premiere Elements functioning without too many glitches to begin with. I was wondering if there was a post with a list of the most common problems and fixes before and immediately after installing the program.

      For example:

           Make sure the computer has enough resources to run the program ie processor speed, memory, hard drive space etc.

           Install the program and any patches/updates

           Delete the Bad Drivers txt file

           Disable Background Rendering

           Disable the Organizer

           Update or Roll Back Video Card Drivers as necessary


      These aren't in any kind of order. I know there are more I've left out but there seem to be the same common basic problems with most of the versions of PrE just to get the program to function on a basic level. Sorry I wish I could be more clear on the matter. I am having glitches with the program and was thinking of reinstalling it, but can't remember all of the tidbits to do over again after I reinstall. If I had a list of the most basic things such as some of the items above which I have done after my first install, I might not have to re-read a bunch of posts.

            I'm sure you guys have a list of this stuff in your heads from all of your usage of the program (or reinstallation) and would apply the fixes after installing the program before you even start to use it. What would these basic fixes be?