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    creating multi-user accounts


      I need to purchase a Forms Central subscription. I work for an organization, and there is one person in my department who has a credit card to be used for software purchases. The person with the credit card will NOT be using the Forms Central subscription.


      When she purchases the subscription, she will have to create an account using her email address. But she is not actually going to be using Forms Central and it's a security violation for me to access her Forms Central account (using her user ID and password).


      How do I (the person who will be using the software) access this account? Is it possible to have a non-user create an account for others to use? Is it possible to add a person to the account?


      Please help! Thanks, Nora

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          The other person can purchase the subscription using her email address and then after the account has been set up (and has been "Verified", she can sign into FormsCentral) she can change the email for the AdobeID to be your email address.


          One caveat - the Email address that you plan to use cannot already have an AdobeID, you have to create a new AdobeID with an email address that is new to Adobe for this to work.  See this post where I describe the steps to change the Email associated with the AdobeID: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5987096#5987096