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    Building a form on a form's response?

    rosemary44 Level 1

      Anyone remember the really old days of paper forms when there would be a box, often at the bottom of the form, that would be marked "Office use only"? This was a way where after someone, let's say a customer, had filed out a form, then the office staff could complete their own form on that completed form. It was used for things like:

      • adding comments
      • showing progress
      • adding approvals


      Now, we're trying to do the same thing in Adobe FormsCentral, but are a little flumoxed about the best way to go about this.


      We can build a regular form, no problem. The question is what's the best way to build the form that addresses the input of the first form? 

      • Extract the data for the record in question and laboriously build a new form, adding comment boxes and such?
      • Immitate the old school method and put the "Office use only" box right on the original form?
      • Make a PDF of the record in question and just tell the office staff to add comments? (we don't like this idea because it is more laborious and requires office staff to have certain software and skills)
      • something else?


      Anyone out there tried this? Anyone have other ideas?