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    New Macs with Mavericks won't open Photoshop CS3


      I upgraded my desktop and laptop and am having trouble with my licensed version of CS3.  I spent over an hour with the Adobe Chat line to try to resolve the issues.  My desktop computer (iMac) says: "Licensing for this product has stopped working."  It quits the program after that message, so I cannot deactivate CS3 on that computer.  My laptop says that I need to deactivate the software on the other computer in order to activate it on the laptop.  After an hour on Adobe Chat, it abruptly ended unresolved with: 


      Bopanna N B: Thank you.


      Please wait while I transfer the chat to the appropriate group.


      You are not currently connected to a chat representative.


      The End.


      Can my licensed version be deactivated from all current computers so I can reactivate on my new computer?  I'm in the middle of a project with a deadline and need this program.  My Adobe account shows that I purchased it, so it's legitimate.  I just can't access it now.