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    Inserting Indesign SWFs into Presenter

    W H

      Hi All,


      I created an interactive document from Indesign and exported the pages as SWFs to import them into Presenter.  For the most part, everything appears to work.  The only gripe I have is that when the slide with the swf starts, it will cycle and endlessly loop through all the pages in the swf until I manage to click on one of the buttons in it.  I attempted to resolve this by going to insert-->swf-->Manage and check marking "Control using presentation playbar" and now it just cycles to the last page of the swf object.  All the buttons and interactive objects work, it's just that when the slide loads, there is no hardstop at the first page.  I've even tried to tinker with the playback settings with no avail.  Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing?