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    Some projects not loading, Premiere Elements 4

    Red Truck inc.

      In the beginning, my projects were working fine. I was in the middle of working on a particular project before I decided, "hey, let's upgrade the computer!"


      Now, some projects simply will not load. I click the project, and all I get is a blacked out window with the text "initializing user interface" in the bottom left. It never initializes.


      That's when I'm lucky. Sometimes, the whole thing just crashes with some "Premiere has encountered a serious error." It doesn't freeze, cause the program is able to create a backup save before it closes, so I'm thinking there's some kind of conflict. But for the life of me, I can't figure it out.


      The only thing that's changed from then to now is I now have 64 bit version of windows instead of 32 bit. Graphics card is the same, memory is the same, everything is the same. It's just simply a fresh install of windows.


      It can't be just a general incompatibility, because some of the projects load up just fine. It's completely random which ones too, although they tend to be small. (some small projects wouldn't load either)


      I did have to reinstall Premiere but that usually solves problems not create them.



      Some things I've tried:


      Deleting the cache

      Deleting preferences


      Disable hardware acceleration

      turn off my anti virus programs (AVG and Spybot 2.0)

      Compatibility mode for Windows XP service pack 2 AND 3

      Give it Administrative privileges

      It's the only application open

      asked politely



      This software has been my companion editing software for years. I need to figure out what's gotten it so wierd since the 64bit update.


      Computer specs:


      Radeon 6670

      8gb memory

      Windows 7 64bit

      Intel i5 3401 processor

      Asus Micro ATX Motherboard


      All my drivers are up to date. Quick time is up to date. Flash is up to date. The program screams open when the project actualy loads, and works like a charm. So what gives?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          We often recommend against open  a project created with an older version of Premiere Elements with a newe version of Premiere Elements. It almost always leads to corruption. Even if this corruption isn't immediately visible.


          This would be particularly true if your projects were created in version 4. That's a HUGE leap to version 12 -- and the program has been almost completely retooled since then!


          Finish your work in an older version of the program. Then start your new projects in version 12.

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            Red Truck inc. Level 1

            Excuse me, I guess I wasn't clear enough. Sorry about that. I'm using the same Premiere Elements 4. The only thing that changed was the windows upgrade.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Red Truck inc.


              I have Premiere Elements 4 in Window 7, 8, and 8.1 64 bit. No problems. In Properties/Compatibility Tab, I leave "run this program in compatibility mode for" unchecked. I do right click the Premiere Elements 4, select Run As Administrator even if I am working from a User Account with Administrative Privileges. So, look into the permissions angle a bit more.


              With the thought of possible leftovers from incomplete installs or reinstall, have you done any uninstall, ccleaner run through (regular and registry parts of cleaner), reinstall?


              Is that Radeon 6670 video card the only video card that the computer has? Are you on any network? Do you run a single or dual monitor system on your Windows 7 64 bit?


              Just some thoughts for now.


              More later.



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                Red Truck inc. Level 1

                Ran CCleaner, didn't solved the problem. Cleaned up a bunch of stuff though, thanks for the program suggestion, lol.


                But, hold on! I decided to turn off compatibility mode to mimic what you have, and guess what...success!


                All the projects are opening now. Wow, how crazy is that. XD Guess one must turn off compatibility mode for PE4 in 64bit. Would've never guessed.



                You're my hero, Romano, thank you a ton.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Red Truck inc.


                  You have made my day worthwhile with your follow up news.


                  We are very pleased with the outcome.


                  Thanks for the great, great news of success. Great job.


                  Best wishes,