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    Resizing to 750px but image is too small


      I am working on a website where the images has to be dimensions 750x500 pixels.

      I am resizing them, but the image becomes really small. When it look at it Photoshop, or in BNridge, or another preview program, its only about 3" wide.

      When I later upload it to my website, the website uses the 750pixels wide, but its a lot larger than what is shown in the previews.

      I googled how large 750 pixels were, and a picture came up where you can compary how a 750px image should look like. It was the same size as what is show on my website. But still a lot larger than the preview im seeing of MY 750 px image. I have also checked "100%" in photoshop, and its really only like 3 " wide.


      So, of course the image on the website will be blurry and bad quality, because the image, although resized to 750 pixels, are not that big.


      I am very confused and frustrated. How can I make the image size, 750px, to be the same as the website?


      Thank you

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          BrettN Adobe Employee

          Images can't be any inches wide or tall on screen. It's all relative. The image is either 750 pixels wide or it is not. What you are probably running into is the fact that Photoshop is HiDPI enabled (Retina) and so the native size appears smaller in Photoshop than what you would see in other applications that are not HiDPI enabled. The size difference should be a factor of two. If what is called for is 750 pixels, make sure that is the setting for the file. Whether viewed in Photoshop or any other application it is still 750 pixels, which doesn't directly relate to relative screen size.

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            JohannaLM Level 1

            Okay thank you for explaining that! Though, I really get the feeling that the image on my website has worse quality than the image in photoshop. It doesnt look smooth, but more, grainy and almost a little pixely.

            Also, is there a way i can change this setting in Photoshop? (HiDPI enabled (Retina))



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              BrettN Adobe Employee

              On Mac, you can disable an application from using Retina by doing a Get Info on the application file. There will be an option to "Open in Low Resolution". More info is here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5266