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    Social Media Uploading


      Hi there,


      I am using Elements 12 and am having trouble uploading my video clips to social media sites.


      1. Youtube is uploading just fine

      2. Facebook is uploading to a generic facebook page but not linking anything to my page or not in my videos section once im logged in

      3. Vimeo is uploading the clip but no sound has come through (as I have basic subscription to this site I can only upload 1 video per week hence I cannot re-upload to check if it works again)


      CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?? Thanks.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7





          Let us start with Vimeo. From what I have read, that 1 video per week appears to apply to HD video.

          http://vimeo.com/help/faq/vimeo-membership/basic-accounts#what-do-i-get-with-a-basic-membe rship

          For troubleshooting testing purposes, why not try to work out the audio issue with non HD footage. You appear to get 10 uploads per week for non HD uploads.


          What are the video and audio properties of what you are putting on your Premiere Elements 12 Timeline? Video compression, audio compression, frame rate, frame size, interlaced or progressive, file extension, pixel aspect ratio, and duration. What project preset have you or the project selected for the project preset based on the properties of your source media? Are the properties of your upload recommended by Vimeo for the uploads?



          The ultimate test might be to export your Timeline to a file saved to the hard drive, assuring that the file has audio. Then upload that file to Vimeo at the Vimeo web site and determine if the video plays from there with sound.




          I have not done an upload to Facebook. I do not have an account there. What you wrote sounds like a Facebook/Account Issue not a Premiere Elements issue. Are you having any problems signing into the Facebook feature in Premiere Elements - authentication and such?


          With these Vimeo and Facebook problems, how would you class them

          "they worked before but not now"


          "they never worked before"


          Let us start here with details and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.