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    View responses - Analysing results




      When viewing results, my columns are not sequenced properly as follows:


      Column A, Column D,Column C, Column B.


      I need to manually shift the column. Is there anywhere i can press so that the columns are properly sequenced( A to ZZ, instead of it being a mess now)? Is this due to copying and pasting of identical fields?




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          MPalassis Level 1



          I am wondering if i can get some help here please... 


          Whenever i add a new field, that field data goes to the very end of the "view response" spreadsheet. But I acutally want it to be in the same sequence as the webform. Please help...

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            Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



            Could you please share the form with me, bhavlin@adobe.com, so that I can investigate this issue? Instructions on sharing can be found here: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2462




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              MPalassis Level 1

              Thanks Brian,


              I have shared you to the form. This is an old form that I was working on but I have identified two problems as follow:


              When adding a new item - That field appears as the last column on the "view response" result spreadsheet.

              This poses a problem when I decide to add a new field in the middle on the webform, but the result appears last in the results spreadsheet.


              Copying and pasting fields - When copying and pasting fields (more than 1 field), the squence of which it is pasted is "inverted". For example, if i copy the set of fields below.


              Question 1, Question 2, Question 3


              The sequence in the result spreadsheet would instead be:


              Question 3, Question 2 , Question 1.


              Hopefully the structure of the webform will give you an idea on the two question above.


              Many thanks.

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                HomeJames Level 2

                Have you tried;
                (when logged in to FormsCentral application)
                1. Select the 'View Responses' tab
                2. Click any cell within the column you wish to move
                3. Release mouse button
                4. You should now see the Column letter at the heading is selected

                5. Click in the shaded area, next to the column letter to highlight the whole column and release mouse button
                6. Click again in the shaded area adjacent to the column letter AND HOLD LEFT MOUSE BUTTON DOWN, whilst dragging to your preferred location.
                   (as you do so, you should notice a highlight appear between the column headings showing which area is active)
                7. When happy with location, release mouse button.

                If you do not release button at 6, you can drag and highlight a block of columns to move.

                Good luck

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                  Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

                  Hi Michael,


                  I was unable to reproduce the issue in either of the forms you shared with me. I shared with you the forms that show the results of my testing.


                  It might be best if we continue the conversation though email. If appropriate, we can report the result of the investigation to this thread.