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    Dialogue box in Security Settings preventing me making digital signature

    TerryLn22 Level 1

      The dialogue box in Security Settings ultimately requires me to put in my name and info (digital signature, add a digital signature), then on the next dialogue box to make a password and to re-enter the password. But the problem is, the dialogue box is not big enough to show the area where you type to re-enter the password. The dialogue box cannot be made bigger by pulling the ends, and my computer resolution is set properly. I really don't want to make my resolution wrong, just to accommodate a box that's not sized right.


      What can I do to make it display the whole box? The zoom feature on the program doesn't help any; the box was just as useless at 100% as it was at 150%, etc. All I can see at the bottom of the dialogue box, are the very top of the letters that say "re-enter your password".