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    Can't center a menu- Fluid Grid Layout


      I've tried and tried to center the menu at the top of my site but it's always biased the left.  This page is a template and I'd like to be responsive to different screen sizes....what am I missing?


      Here's the template... http://sdrv.ms/1d8R95m


      Please help and thanks!

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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          #Menu {

              margin-top: 15px;

              margin-bottom: 50px;

              margin-right: auto;

              margin-left: auto;

             width: 90%;


          #Menu li {

              width: 25%;

              float: left;

              font-size: 24px;

              font-weight: bold;

              list-style-type: none;

              margin-right: auto;

              margin-left: auto;

              padding-right: 0%;

              position: relative;


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