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    How to combine Flv's


      I was working in a team on this animation for school. we thought that if we all work on different scene we could be more time efficent. But now we hit a bump in the road.

      My partner did her animation in 10 fps, while i did it in the default 24. We also have our individual vcams. I tried combining it, deleting some frames and removed her part of vcam that are on my scene. However this did not work, the swf played with the vcam shown in the stage (moving around).

      Because we all spent a bit of time on this, redoing the vcam for everything can be painful. So im here to ask whether you guys have any solutions


      Keep in mind:

      • Different fps
      • Duplicating Vcams
      • One of my scene is done completely within a movie clip



      I tried to export it as a gif, and mov. But then it did not work as I wanted to be


      Thanks in advance

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the different fps can be remedied by loading your level 0 swf into an as3 swf and using the frameRate property of the stage.  or you can manually control the framerate of any movieclip (including the _root) using the playF function below.


          what you're doing with vcams will need to be handled manually and there should be no problem with the one scene that's a movieclip.


          function playF(mc, m, n, fps) {

              playFFF2 = function(mc) {


                  if (mc.m<mc.n) {


                  } else {



                  if (mc._currentframe == mc.n) {





              mc.m = m;

              mc.n = n;

              mc.fps = fps;



              mc.int = setInterval(playFFF2, 1000/mc.fps, mc);


          function stopF(mc) {