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    Illustrator cs6 "this file cannot be found" problem when open file from network


      I used to install the trial version of Illustrator CC on my desktop and then when the trial run out I decide to go with illustrator CS6 instead, So I decide to buy &
      install Illustrator CS6 on our desktop and everything seem to be fine except


      the problem is our .ai file is located on the network shared drive of the design team,


      When we try to open the file from the network drive with illustrator CS6, it said "This file cannot be found"

      - we try to copy the file from network drive to our desktop and file can open without problem

      - if we directly double click the file from the network drive to launch the illustrator CS6 with that file. It's also fine, no problem at all.

      - but if we open the illustrator CS6 first and try open.. and then browse to that file on network, then "This file cannot be found" happen again.

      - Illustrator CS6 have no problem open file in the local harddisk.


      - Illustrator CC never have this problem open file in our network drive, try reinstall the Illustrator CC trial again and it can open without problem

      - I try using Adobe CC Cleaner tool to remove everything before reinstall the Illustrator CS6, still no luck.

      - Try remove the Adobe relate folder in user/user/Appdata and then reinstall, still no luck

      - Try right click and open with --> Illustrator CS6 , yes if we double click the file directly it's ok, but as mentioned if we open illustrator first then browse for the file, the problem happen.


      Did I miss anything to fix it ?