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    xml photo gallery

    sirtcarlos Level 1
      i am trying to make an xml photo gallery, and i know there are a ton of tutorials all over the net for this, but i cant seem to find one that really solves my problem.
      here's what i have:
      a menu of images. these images (can be buttons or MCs), when clicked load text from an xml file, and then load a bunch of other images onto the stage into a horizontal scroller. when one of these images is clicked, it loads a full size image into another holder on the stage.
      i cant seem to be able to load a different xml file (or multiple xml files) from these menu buttons.
      any help is much appreciated.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          There are a lot of people willing to provide help here. But you're going to need to post the code that's not working so we can take a look at it.
          One of the most common problems with xml is not waiting for the onLoad handler before checking the loaded data. Another one is scope related inside the onLoad handler. But its impossible to diagnose from your description.
          Use trace to check whatever you can from your code and report whatever information you get from the trace output as well as attaching the code that's not working to a post here (using the attach code button). We'll see if we can help.