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    data provider problem in custom item renderer

      I have a complex, custom item renderer for a list. I add items that I extracted from an xml to the data provider using the IList interface. But when displaying the list, the items are all screwed up. Each rendered item has some parts which are initialized as different components depending on the values from the xml. This initialization is called in the item renderer for the creationComplete event.
      The weird thing is that when I output the dataProvider to check its values, some of the items have internal uids sometimes and sometimes they don't. If I output the dataProvider right after I add the items to it, none of them get internal uids. But from the initialize method, some of them do and some don't.
      To make things weirder, sometimes, as I scroll up and down the list, the dynamic components get all switched up. I'm either having a problem with internal uids or with the creation policies for lists. Or it's probably some simpler mistake I have yet to see. Anyone have any idea where the problem could lie? Any help is greatly appreciated.