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    Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 Expires early when using Flex 2 key, and new SDK

    tgeiges Level 1
      I was told to use my Flex 2 key to extend the Beta period for Flex Builder 3, this worked, today it said I have 99 days left.
      but When I installed the latest SDK and restarted Flex Builder 3 Beta 2, it says it expires in 15 days.

      If I put the original SDK back and restart it goes back to 99 days, so If I switch the SDKs while Eclipse is already loaded it seems to stay at 99 days, so now before I start Eclipse I have to move the orig SDK back, start Eclipse, then switch SDKs.

      This does not make much sense to me, why does the SDK affect the Builder Beta Period at all? is there a fix for this, I have a project due but 31st, and I would be screwed if it dies before then, I already have flex 2 but I cannot roll back as this project relies on Flex Builder 3 Functionality.