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    Slice template for multiple images?

      Hello. I am a complete Fireworks newbie so forgive me is the answer seems obvious.

      I have 4 images that I want to cut into HTML using Fireworks. These images are largely similar; same header, same footer, with some variation in the middle composition.

      I have made the slice lines for the first image. Will Fireworks let me drop a PNG of the middle content into the first project? If so, how, and what do I need to change to let me save them off as their own graphics?

      I tried porting the PNG in several times and when I cut the graphic it keeps calling to the old (first) project, even if I change the names.

      Thanks! This seems like such a simple issue and I don't know why I can't get it.

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          pixlor Level 4
          Why make four images?

          Make one Fireworks image with the header and footer and all four middle images. Then, just turn off the visibility (click on the eye symbol next to the object) for three of the middle images at a time and do whatever exporting you want to do. That way, your project is all in one source file.

          Make sure you name your slices by double-clicking on them and typing a name. I take the easy way out and rename my slices if I change the content I'm exporting. (I'm lazy.)
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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
            If you are using CS3 look into Pages as well.

            You can have header, fotter and menu item on a Master Page, and place the middle composition on subsequent pages.