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    Render to transparent issue

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      Could someone please advise on this issue:


      I have rendered off a set of PNG files with Alpha from 3DS Max with a view to creating a transparent background video.  When I import into AE the background is transparent (toggle transparency grid works).  I have also created a heat haze effect in the AE file using an adjustment layer and red/green particle layers (if you are familiar with the tutorial).


      If I play in AE or scrub the timeslider the chequered background is there and the heat haze is there.


      I used the following settings to render from AE:


      Quick Time video

      PNG Codec

      RGB + Alpha

      Millions of colours



      The resulting QuickTime mov file has a black background and also shows the red particles layer from the heat haze (behind the main scene objects).


      Q.  I am sort of guessing that it is the haze/particle layers that are producing the black background in the final video.  Is there some setting for the haze/particle layers somewhere that I am missing?  Or is there another reason?


      I am not particularly experienced in AE so don't be afraid to state the obvious!


      Many thanks,