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    14.2 updates changes width of Swatches palette

    Rob. L.

      Hi, as soon as I updated ps cc to 14.2 the swatches palette, when docked does not behave correctly: all swatches are placed as you have resized the palette, placing them in wrong order. Undocking the palette reposition the swatches correctly.

      I've made sure the docked palette is not scaled, in fact even on brand new, reset "essential" preset interface displays the issue even with default palette.

      Scaling the docked palettes does not fix the problem.


      Here's an example with the DEFAULT interface on a fresh installation

      first one is the unlocked palette, works as expected

      second one is the docked palette (wich is on the default Essentials UI!)



      My guess is that the minimum docked palette width has increased by some pixels with the update. This may look like a minor issue, but it skrewed up all my custom palettes

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Can you drag the panel back to the old size and save in custom workspace?  The only time I ever use default workspaces is if I want to see photoshop on the main screen, and another app on the second.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You cannot drag the docked palettes smaller than her lower screenshot to cause the second red and yellow swatches to wrap under the first red and yellow swatches as preferred.


            What you can do is make the swatch thumbnails larger and drag the docked palettes wider but that wastes screen space.

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              Tai Luxon Adobe Employee

              Hi Rob. When you dock the Swatches Panel and see this behavior, which other panels are above or below it in the column? What I'm observing is that the minimum width of the Layers Panel is forcing the entire column (and thus the Swatches Panel) wider than the Swatches Panel min width. I'll log a bug for us to look into why the min width of the Layers Panel increased.



              Photoshop Engineering

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                Rob. L. Level 1

                Hello Tai,

                indeed it is the Layer Panel causing the issue, just tested it by detaching the Layer panel and the problem is gone.

                Navigator, adjustments, History, Channels and Paths (wich are the other panels I use) do not cause the problem.

                Docking back Layer panel of course breaks the Swatches again.





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                  hdbrew Level 1

                  Yes, PLEASE figure this out!  This new Layer's panel width is affecting other panels as well!  Not only that, but it's taking up more space on the screen!  I hope this can be resolved.  Thank you!


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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The panel is not "broken", but its minimum width has increased due to the inclusion of the new longer phrase "Smart Object" in the Layers panel options filter list.


                    Specifically, for the English-language interface (on Windows using a non-4K monitor and standard font sizes), CC 14.1.x and CS6 had the same smaller Layers panel minimum width of 224px, as compared to the new wider minimum of 242px in CC 14.2:


                    Even for a particular version of Photoshop, things that change the length of words, such as user-interface language, and the size of the letters or symbols, such as the typeface and size of the fonts used for the user-interface, would affect minimum panel width.  In other words, I suspect German users have a wider minimum Layers panel width, and Chinese users have a narrower minimum Layers panel width, and users with Retina or 4K displays also have different sizes for things due to the much higher resolution.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I wouldn't expect anything to change.


                      The width of the docked toolbar is determined by the widest panel that it contains. 

                      The width of a particular panel is governed by the width of the widest row. 

                      The width of a particular row is the cumulative widths of the screen elements of that row. 

                      Things have been this way for a long time and any time elements of panels are changed there is a possibility of changing a particular the panel's width, and therefore increasing the minimum docked width.


                      Only removing functions or rearranging a panel's layout could make things narrower, again.

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                        hdbrew Level 1

                        Thank you for taking the time to figure out what changed in this panel...basically saving me the time myself. 


                        This is an unfortunate change with a panel that is so commonly docked to the right.


                        Thank you again,


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                          Hi everybody. Annoying indeed.

                          For anyone still interested I just rearranged mine like this:

                          Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 10.46.09.png

                          You can take mine here: http://peaxel.com/_temp/ps-14.2-swatches.aco


                          All the best!