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    InDesign upgrades


      I'm working in InDesign CS2 and want to upgrade to CS4 or 5. Can I upgrade or will I have to purchase the entire Suite again? I'm having trouble exporting my InDesign CS2 files to pdfs, so I thought an upgrade would help solve this problem.

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          Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

          You don't have to buy the whole suite, but you can't buy CS4 or CS5. They are no longer sold by Adobe.


          You can buy CS6.


          But check carefully that your hardware and operating system can run CS6.


          However, you might want to use this forum to troubleshoot what problems you're having creating PDF files.

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            mdiiorio Level 1

            Thanks Sandee... I had a feeling this would be the case and I'm not sure I can run CS6 on my "vintage" iMac (as it has been called)...so I guess this is going to be an expensive year!