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    Index Wizard Not Looking at Pop-up Topics

    Red Ink Writes
      Hey All -

      I'm using RH6 and have a ton of pop-up topics in my current project. I want each pop-up topic to be included when I run the Index Wizard, then I planned go back into the Index and manually "prune" it.

      Each time I run the Index Wizard, I'm telling it to include all folders and all topics, yet is skipping all of my pop-up topics.

      Does anyone know a way around this - except adding each entry to my Index manually? The ability for users to search the Index for info in the pop-up topics is very important to this help system....

      Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Pop up topics are no different to any other topic. What makes them a popup topic is the way you define the link to them. As far as the index wizard is concerned, they are just another bunch of topics.

          Are these "popup topics" in the same folder as other topics?

          As well as All Folders, have you selected Any Status?

          Is there anything else different about these topics?

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            Red Ink Writes Level 1
            Hi Peter -

            Thanks for your reply. Yes, the pop-up topics are in the same folders as the other topics and I am choosing "Any Status" (right now all of the topics in the project are the same status anyway).

            What's even stranger is that after I posted my original message, I found that it picked up about five of my 100 or so pop-up topics, yet ignored the rest. I cannot find ANYTHING about these included topics that differs from the ignored topics. Bizarre.

            Since I need to move forward ASAP, I am now going through each pop-up topic individually and using the Smart Index option on the Topic Properties Index tab. It works just fine; is just time-consuming, but actually may end up saving me time on the Index in the long-run, since I can define which keywords Robo adds to each topic on the front-end (not have to prune out worthless entries later).

            My guess is that this issue may have to do with the conversion of the files from RH 5 to RH 6. It shouldn't - all of the pop-up topics were added after I converted to RH 6, but I've noticed odd things can happen when you bring a project into a newer version of the program.

            Thanks again, Peter. I don't have an answer but I have a workaround that I can live with!
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              MergeThis Level 4
              I wonder if adding those topics to the Baggage Files folder might do the trick? Sometimes RH needs a good, solid two-by-four to the forehead, to get its attention.

              You could test it with just a few, to check it out. Just a thought...

              Good luck,