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    Student Project

    mindforge Level 1

      I've been reading through the Director MX User Guide and Help function but I'm still not able to get my Play, Pause and Stop buttons to work right. Here's what I'm trying to do:

      I have a slide presentation that I made in Director MX for my class project. There are 12 slides in the presentation. Each slide has a thumbnail in the left navigation panel so you can jump from slide to slide. I have this part worked out. What I can't figure out is the following:

      1. How do I get play to function like a real Play > button?
      2. How do I pause play once the slide presentation has started (i.e. get the Pause | | button to function like a pause button)?
      3. How do I resume play once the slide presentation has been paused or stopped (using the Play > button)?

      Thank you for your help,