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    CFGrid Headers Invisible in IE until mouseover


      My client uses CFGRID and IE a lot (yeah, I know) and I have been tasked to solve this problem.


      When the grid first comes up in IE, the headers are invisible; mouse over them and they'll appear and stay on until you move on to a new table or refresh the screen.


      Firefox and Chrome do not have this problem.


      To make matters worse, my client has disabled the developer tools access in IE so I can't drill down to the CSS and look for a solution that way.


      I am trying to find a cfgrid.onload solution, but apparently the documentation is sparse on the methods available in cfgrid (know where they are? Please enlighten me!)


      I stumbled across .refresh() and updateHeaders() but I cannot find their proper syntax and just what the heck they're supposed to do.  I know, lame, but try RTFM when you can't find TFM!


      My first try was to create and OnLoad this:


      function IEReload() {

           var grid = ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject('mygridname');





      which does not work.


      Ideas welcome!