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    I dont have InDesign installed but CC shows I did the update?


      I have a huge problem, I'll explain everything step by step before I'll ask my question:


      A few months ago I installed CC Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign (just the "testversion") and as I wasnt able to pay the whole thing I tried to delete it, so I save space on my PC. Because I didn't know how to delete it, I just trow it in the trash and deleted it there, so it was removed.


      So a bit before Christmas, I needed the programs back, and now as I was able to pay for, I signed in like always and reinstalled CC, but it hasnt worked out, so I asked someone per Chat (an employee via Adobe) about my problem and they helped me perfectly. They said I should go to my folders ex. Photoshop and then click on "remove" or "deinstall" it... It worked out and I could reinstall everything and I bought CC PS.


      NOW I have nearly the same problem...

      I have to work with InDesign now (and its pretty important!) so I wanted to reinstall the testversion like its marked on my site of adobe. I click on download and than a window shows up like "do you want to open this with Creative Cloud or with another one..." so I click on CC and just the icon of CC opens and its marked "InDesign in updated" but I cant find it to "deinstall" it on my PC, and I cant open it anywhere else... so what should I do now that I can finaly open it?


      Thank you!!